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Green Gazelles in Rural Alaska?

by Rick Wolk, MBA Program Director

“What will it take to transition from a fossil-fuel economy to a “clean-tech” economy powered by renewable energy? Silicon Valley is teeming with new projects in this field, and bold policy proposals are flying around inside the Beltway. The Obama administration has pledged more than $100 billion for sustainable technologies; China plans to spend $200 billion, and the G-20 industrialized nations some $400 billion. Venture capitalists around the world have pumped in excess of $20 billion into clean-tech companies since 2005.

So far, the bulk of investment has been in companies using conventional business models in an effort to fit clean technologies into existing systems. Sadly, history shows that this rarely works. Start-ups predictably struggle when competing head-on against incumbents in established markets. Disruptive market forces could over many years enable clean technologies to supplant fossil fuels the way the PC replaced the mainframe.” (Johnson & Suskewicz, 2009)

What can you do to help entrepreneurs in rural and remote parts of Alaska...including Juneau? Please take a look at for information about a new participatory action research project that seeks to create a framework for success for sustainability entrepreneurship in Alaska. The University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (Christi Bell), Fairbanks North Star Borough (Kathryn Dodge 907-459-1309), and Rick Wolk, MBA Program Director, University of Alaska Southeast (907-796-6133) are seeking entrepreneur participants for this study through AK SourceLink.


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