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Help! UAS Campus Community Emergency Response Team

We are looking for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for the November 17-19, 2009 CCERT training (3 full days) at the Student Recreation Center.

Why join CCERT? Consider the following fictitious yet plausible scenario:

A community disaster such as a major earthquake strikes Juneau. Buildings are damaged, power is out, people are injured or unaccounted for and emergency help is delayed. When Capital City Fire and Rescue finally arrives at the campus more than two hours after the shaking stops they get a report from the CCERT leader:

Upon initial building evacuation, CCERT members grabbed the emergency backpack they were issued and reported to the muster point to get their assignments.

With green helmets and vests, the CCERT members were easy to identify.

While several team members set up treatment areas for the injured, others were moving from building to building assessing damage and searching for victims.

Additional volunteers were recruited to assist CCERT members with traffic control checkpoints so that once accounted for, bystanders could leave the area.

A small fire was put out with a portable extinguisher and CCERT members cordoned off a building due to a strong chemical smell.

Since Capital City Fire and Rescue had been in early communication with the CCERT leader, they responded with just the equipment and manpower that they needed and were able to focus on the most critical needs right away.

This scenario illustrates how a small group of ordinary employees with just a few days of training can take positive steps to save lives, preserve property and recover from a disaster. When emergency services eventually arrive, they don’t have to start working the emergency from scratch.

All staff and faculty are eligible for this training free of charge. Student employees may be accepted into class on a case by case basis. If you are interested in joining the UAS Campus Community Response Team or just have questions, please contact:

Dan Garcia, UAS Health and Safety, 796-6077

Rick Forkel, UAS Emergency Manager, 907-450-8151

Class size is limited so don’t wait to call to reserve your place in the class.


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