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Dean Candidates on Campus

Two finalists for the position of dean of the School of Arts & Sciences are on the Juneau campus this week for interviews and public presentations.

The following information is being sent to the three UAS campuses so that all who are interested can have a chance to hear the candidates. If you have questions about the candidates, please contact the Provost’s office for assistance.

To Access Dean Candidates Open Forums and Presentations

Mr. Richard Higgs
Mon. 3/8, 3:30-4:30pm Open Forum
Tue. 3/9, 1-2pm Presentation

Dr. Terry Bodenhorn
Thu. 3/11, 3:30-4:30pm Open Forum
Fri. 3/12, 3-4pm Presentation

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Phone in questions and comments:
In Juneau: 796-6093 Outside Juneau: 1-888-219-2596 If you call in, turn the volume down on the TV or computer to prevent echo.


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