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Summer 2010: UAS MBA Students Go to Europe

The UAS MBA program is offering a class in England this summer and another class in the Ukraine as an opportunity to expand student learning and to let Alaskan students form better international business networks.

Graham OrangeIn addition to the regular online section, BA 610 Management Information Systems will offer a section in Leeds from June 7th-June 11th. Graham Orange from Leeds Metropolitan University’s Innovation North will be teaching the class for UAS.

Dr. Yuliya Ivanova with teach BA 654 Cross Cultural Competencies in Kiev from June 22nd – June 27th.

For questions about the Kiev class please contact Dr. Yuliya Ivanova,

Dr. Yuliya IvanovaFor more information about the UAS MBA program or about the Leeds class please contact Rick Wolk, MBA Program Director.


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