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Title III Renovation Continues on Sitka Campus

Renovation activities as part of the Title III grant are continuing on the Sitka Campus with a completion date of September 2010.

After Shot
Progress as of March 2010

Project area cleared and ready for construction-January 2010.

The purpose of the Native Hawaiian- Serving Institution and Alaska-Native Serving Institution grant program is to promote and strengthen the ability of Alaska Native-Serving Institutions and Native Hawaiian- Serving (ANNH) Institutions to carry out education, applied research, and related community development programs.

Renovation and Expansion of Health Sciences Education Facilities: The major objective of this project is to design and construct two high tech, multi purpose classrooms, a lab-based science prep and storage space inside the WW II-era hangar space that houses the UAS Sitka Campus. Our campus continues to serve some of the most vulnerable student populations with the greatest needs and these funds will allow us to bring our new facilities online in October 2010 fully integrated into Alaska’s rural distance learning and telemedicine environment.

Renovation of Existing Computer Laboratory: The funds will provide for the renovation of an existing computer laboratory. This project, will convert a technologically outdated, 10-year old computer facility into offices and modules designed to support distance learning and telemedicine training. Providing faculty offices and collaborative learning areas immediately adjacent to our new Health Sciences laboratory and classroom complex will facilitate integration with the advanced telecommunications network being deployed throughout rural Alaska and allow for effective and efficient use of the new facilities by our students, both local and distance.


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