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Biology and Marine Biology Faculty News

News from David Tallmon, Beth Mathews, Carolyn Bergstrom and Sherry Tamone.

Bio Students

Bhutan Students. Students learning genetics in Bhutan’s first conservation genetics lab.

David Tallmon gave a talk and contributed to a workshop on the use of DNA in biodiveristy monitoring for Bhutanese, Pakistani, Nepali, and Indian biologists May 13-20 in Bumthang, Bhutan.

Beth Mathews published a paper with Milo Adkinson (UAF Fisheries) entitled, “The role of Steller sea lions in a large population decline of harbor seals” in the May issue of Marine Mammal Science.

Carolyn Bergstrom gave a talk at the The Society for the Study of Evolution Conference in Portland (June 25-29) called “Evidence for ecological niche segregation in the face of gene flow in a polymorphic flatfish.”

Prince Edward Island Beach

A Prince Edward Island Beach

Also in May, Sherry Tamone gave a talk on crab physiology at a conference on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Workshop on Hematodinium related diseases included researchers from Alaska, Seattle WA, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.


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