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Marine Biology and Biology Summer 2010 News

Phillp Moser, an undergraduate in the Marine Biology program spent 6 weeks of his summer working with Dr. Sherry Tamone and NOAA biologist Frank Morado on metabolic studies of Tanner crab infected with a dinoflagellate that causes bitter crab syndrome.

Sherry Tamone used her SCUBA skills to assist in the first annual BIOBLITZ held in Juneau in June.  She along with ADFG diver Kyle Hebert, UAF faculty member Ginny Eckert and graduate student Jodi Pirtle inventoried subtidal invertebrates.

UAS undergrad and NOAA Hollings scholar Tyler Linderoth received a second place award in the Ecosystems category at the national Hollings and EPP Scholar Science Symposium in Maryland for a poster he presented describing his summer research on rockfish genetics and mating systems.  Tyler started and completed his project this summer at the National Marine Fisheries Service research lab in Santa Cruz, CA.

Carolyn Bergstrom, David Tallmon, Tyler Linderoth, and former post-doc UAS Andrew Whiteley co-authored a paper on Auke Creek coastrange sculpins that was recently accepted into the journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish.

David Tallmon received a Frolich Fellowship from CSIRO Center for Marine and Atmospheric Research to support a collaborative visit with marine geneticists in Tasmania during his sabbatical in 2011.


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