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Adjunct Orientation 2010

Provost Rick Caulfield hosted the first ever UAS Adjunct Orientation on August 31.

The effort was a success: 35 adjuncts attended in person or via distance to hear from the Provost, Deans, faculty, and administration about services available to instructors, University information, and "how-to" guidelines.  Also included in orientation was a hands-on instructional technology session as led by Academic Computing Manager, Barney Norwick.  Another popular presentation from Associate Professor of Library Science, Elise Tomlinson, revealed the many ways the Egan Library can assist instructors and students with courses and research.

While orientations have been held in the past, this year's orientation included a revamped Adjunct Handbook and was distributed to all adjuncts.  The handbook is also available online under the Provost’s website under the "Faculty" tab (see link to Adjunct Faculty Handbook at  The event, organized by Adjunct Union President Fran Polumsky and Administrative Manager Margaret Rea, will be repeated in future semesters and open to all adjuncts in every School.   "Promoting adjunct recognition and inclusion is a vital part of the education system at UAS and is imperative for student success," said Fran Polumsky.  "There was a positive, friendly atmosphere at the event.  All who attended had an opportunity to evaluate the event, and the results indicate that Adjunct Orientation made a difference in the success for this academic year for adjuncts."


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