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Anderson Building Remodel-Juneau Campus

The Anderson Building remodel is nearing completion with move-in scheduled for next month.

Classes will again be held in the building starting in January for the Spring 2011 Semester. This project totally remodels the Juneau campus principal science building to accommodate the needs of the UAS Science program. The project is divided into two separate construction contracts. The first is the building remodel including classrooms, teaching labs, faculty offices, and research spaces. The second contract will be for the construction of a pedestrian crossing of Glacier Highway. These two elements are being designed, bid and constructed as separate contracts due to the different nature and schedules for the work.

In the remodel work major building components have been upgraded or replaced including heating and ventilating equipment and controls, the roof membrane and insulation, new toilet rooms, interior finishes, elevator replacement, classroom and laboratory casework and the emergency generator. Interior space is reconfigured to improve effectiveness of the teaching and research areas. The work has required the building to be vacated during renovation. Interim space for offices and labs is being accommodated elsewhere on campus, at the UAF Fisheries facility at Lena Point and at the old NOAA lab adjacent to the Anderson Building.

The pedestrian access work will include a pedestrian bridge connecting to the third floor of the Anderson Building and a paved and lighted pathway to the main campus. UAS is awaiting detailed design data on the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities proposed re-alignment of Glacier Highway. DOT&PF and UAS are re-examining the impacts of the future road and right-of way re-alignment. Construction is intended for 2011.

The total project cost is estimated at $10,700,000.


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