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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Sanjay Pyare

UAS Assistant Professor of GIS and Landscape Ecology Sanjay Pyare was recently featured in the Alaska EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Fall 2010 Newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the article “Our Man in Juneau”.

Dr. Sanjay PyareSanjay Pyare's attraction to Southeast Alaska has its roots in upstate New York. As an undergrad at New York's Hartwick College, Pyare conducted outdoor research on blackcapped chickadees. It was the first exposure that Pyare — who grew up outside New York City — had to field research, and he was hooked. "It was very different from a lab," said Pyare, now the University of Alaska Southeast representative on Alaska EPSCoR's management team. "I was awed that someone could actually do that for a living."

Pyare's inclination to outdoor field work led him west, and he received his Ph.D in Conservation Biology and Ecology from the University of Nevada in Reno in 2000. In 2005, a job offer from UAS finally brought him north to stay, and today he holds the position of Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Geography at the Juneau campus. Pyare's research remains intimately tied to the landscape: his chief focus at UAS is the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology, which merges cartography and databases to allow for detailed analysis of phenomena spread over a geographic area.

Pyare’s position on EPSCoR’s management team allows him to serve as an advocate for UAS and for undergraduate research, which is a priority at UAS’s undergraduate oriented campus. “I think my role is really to hit the undergraduate research heavy," he said. “By necessity, I almost have to."


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