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Emily Wall Published Poem

This is not a poem about dogs

A poem by UAS English Faculty and poet Emily Wall was published in the collection, Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology from Salmon Poetry, an Irish publisher. Editor Jessie Lendennie brings together poems which highlight, examine and celebrate the canine world, and our place in it.  Wall joins a prestigious group of international writers. Also included in the anthology is a former U.S. Poet Laureate, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a National Book Award winner.

This is not a poem about dogs
for Jessie

This is also not a poem about cats,
with their terrible grace,
and the way they make any woman ungainly.

This is not a poem about
babies and their hungry mouths, mewling
through the night.

This is not a poem about
books, the fresh glue smell and uncracked
spine of an unread novel.

If this were a poem about these things,
it would be a poem full of wishes,
and heartaches.

It would be a poem about the way

a dog looks, running along the hard-packed
sand of an Alaskan beach, April, long sun setting,
herding a flock of sandpipers and gulls—

symbolising the old things
we all want—
joy, grace, spirit.

If this poem were about that dog,
it would be a poem of such longing,
and such regret.

And who has the time, anyway,
for such indulgences?

By Emily Wall


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