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SOM Faculty Member Accepts Position in California

Anderson came to UAS as MPA Program Director in 1998. “I have truly loved teaching at UAS,” said Anderson.

Anderson featured in Why UAS Faculty Edition

After 13 years at UAS, Associate Professor of Public Administration and City Assembly Member (since 2005) Jonathan Anderson is moving on to a new position as chairman of the public administration department at California State University San Bernadino. Anderson came to UAS as MPA Program Director in 1998. "I have truly loved teaching at UAS," said Anderson. "Teaching in a professional graduate program involves you with serious students who are active in the field.  They bring their own knowledge and expertise. I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from them at least as much as they learned from me. I have a reputation as an instructor who piles on a ton of work and requires gobs of writing, but students again and again tell me how they have benefited from the practical experiences and the rigor of the classes. I have also been fortunate to teach in a distance program where students were from all across Alaska and Yukon and to have had the opportunity to visit many of them at their hometowns and develop personal relationships with them."

Over the years Anderson served on most UAS committees; as Organization Vice President and Grievance Coordinator for United Academics, President of the Faculty Senate and Faculty Alliance.  He currently is the UAS faculty representative on SAC (Statewide Academic Council). Anderson started the Faculty Development Seminar, for many years did sexual harassment awareness training for UAS and the Juneau School District and has done ethics training for legislative staff.  In 2002 he was an election monitor in Kosovo.  He served on the City Personnel Board for three years and the Juneau Human Rights Commission for five years. He is also the local co-coordinator of PFLAG, a Hospice Volunteer and a member of the Juneau Quaker Meeting.

Daughter Tia graduated from UAS in 2001 and was Student Senate President.  Tia and daughter Emily earned their MATs at UAS in 2006-2007.  Anderson starts his new position in California July 1.


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