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UAS Juneau Japanese Club Fundraising for Japan

"Thank you to all who volunteered, baked, donated, and supported this effort," said club member Wendy Girven. "We are proud to be part of such a wonderful community at UAS!"

Yosuke Sano on Denali
2010 Outdoor Studies Denali Expedition by Yosuke Sano

A Japanese Club bake sale at the on-campus coffee shop Spike’s March 17-18 raised $2,520 in total donations for Tsunami Relief. The donation was deposited through the UAS business office and will be sent to the Red Cross. Club member Yoko Kugo reports, "I heard that one of my friends and his family are alive a few days ago.  They live right where the earthquake attacked.  They have no gas and running water, but they are safe! I will continue contacting my friends in Japan and support them."

For an upcoming fundraiser for Tsunami Relief,  fellow club member and photographer Yosuke Sano plans to sell prints of some of his photos in the lobby of the Juneau Arts and Culture Center next first Friday, April 1. The UAS Juried Art Show will take place in the main gallery.


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