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Jim and Barney: We’ll Miss You!

Two long time employees at Information Technology Services are retiring from UAS.

March 31, 2011 is the last day at work for Academic Computing Manager Barney Norwick and Media Services Coordinator Jim Gage. Jim and Barney have each worked at UAS for the better part of 20 years.

UAS community members are encouraged to attend a shindig in their honor scheduled for Friday, April 1, 1:30-3 in the Fireweed Room.

Jim Gage
Jim Gage was born and raised in northern Iowa. He spent several years in college avoiding the draft, then enlisted in the army in 1968 and served with the infantry in the Mekong Delta for 14 months.  Returning to the states, he began planning a trip to Alaska. In the summer of 1971, Jim hitchhiked up the Alcan Highway heading for Anchorage.  In Whitehorse, he decided to make a side trip to Juneau and was so taken with the area that he hasn't left the Southeast since.  Jim moved to Gustavus in 1973 to build a house for a friend, and stayed on in that charming community doing construction until moving back to Juneau in 1991 so that his wife could finish her teaching degree.

Jim started working under emergency hire as a media technician for Media Services in January 1992.  His initial role was to help with the increased workload of broadcasting two nights a week and keeping Media Services open M-F from 8-5.  The job was made permanent in 1992.  Jim quickly became known as much for his patience and good humor as his diverse skills in media and engineering.  He became the cornerstone of a team which helped UAS deliver programs and services across the state, into the Yukon, and across the globe.  In 2003, Jim assumed the role of Media Services Coordinator as part of the IT/Media restructuring.  Jim has served on many committees and has had an integral role in ensuring the success of many campus events, large and small.

Jim and his wife Kathy plan to stay in Juneau.  Kathy continues to teach at Harborview Elementary.  For now, Jim plans to enjoy the Juneau spring and summer and work on projects around their house.

Barney Norwick
Barney Norwick was born and raised in a variety of cities in the upper Midwest. After graduating from high school in Minneapolis and college in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, he left the Midwest in 1969.  With an old pickup and canoe, Barney took the scenic route to Alaska through the Northwest Territories. Arriving sick and broke in Anchorage, Barney was hired by the Alaska Rail Road to work on an extra gang, repairing track in the Mount Denali area. Barney went on to work construction in Fairbanks and eventually became a tower operator for aircraft during the pipeline years.  Barney learned to sail (from books) and purchased a small sailboat in Seattle that he brought to Petersburg.  Barney lived in Petersburg for 14 years doing construction work and commercial fishing.

Barney came to Juneau in the early 90’s and stumbled into computing. He started taking classes at UAS to become a programmer and decided to apply for a job working in the computer lab as a student. IT Services hired him full time the next semester as a lab manager for the BRC.  Barney worked at the BRC for several years before moving back to the main campus to take on the role of the senior academic technology manager – a position he has held ever since.

During his time at UAS, Barney helped guide UAS through an instructional technology revolution with the advent of the world-wide-web, wireless networks and mobile computing.  Barney has been especially effective at meeting with faculty one-on-one to identify ways that UAS technologies could be tailored to better meet instructional needs.

While he is leaving his position in IT Services, Barney is not leaving Juneau or even UAS.  Barney is following his long held passion for health and fitness and has launched his next career as a personal trainer.  We expect that he will continue to be a familiar face to anyone visiting the UAS Rec Center weight room.


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