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Summer Construction in Juneau

Work to start May 2 and completed by Aug. 1.

Over the summer, Southeast Earthmovers will be reconstructing the sewage lift station located between Hendrickson Annex and Auke Lake. They will begin May 2 and expect to complete work by August 1. For most of this time, there will be no access to the float and lake, only a giant mudhole. There will be excavation on the north and north east sides of Soboleff, and the contractor will be using the entire area between and around Soboleff Annex, Hendrickson Annex, and the kiln for work, materials staging, and construction vehicles. There will be no parking in this area for the duration of the project. There will be no parking along the access road to the annexes, as that will be heavily used by construction equipment and vehicles. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please contact Ke Mell, x6480 or with questions or concerns.


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