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UAS Sitka Campus sponsors I’m Going to College for Blatchley Middle School 5th and 6th Graders

During the event, the children get to experience different classes with UAS faculty.

About ninety 5th and 6th grade students attended the UAS Sitka Campus “I’m Going to College” event on March 17 in partnership with NELA and ACPE. The event brings 5th and 6th graders from local schools to campus to experience a day in college. Prior to the event, the students work through an activity book in which they explore different types of colleges, financial aid, and careers. During the event, the children get to experience different classes with UAS faculty.

Marnie Chapman
Students observed the dissection of an animal with Marnie Chapman.

Students on the Sitka Campus experienced Fisheries with Professor Jim Seeland where the students weighed and measured rubber worms and insects. In the Biology Lab with Professors Marnie Chapman and Jon Martin, and Lab assistant Wes Schaffer, students observed the dissection of an animal, learning the parts and functions. Art Professor Liz Zacher taught students about mirror imaging by having students create prints with paints. Students learned the importance of education and teaching from Nancy Douglas, Cultural Program Director with the Sitka School District. HIM Professor Rose Goeden, Health Science Assistant, Cheryl Stromme and ATTAC Program Coordinator, Nicole Duclos, taught students how to take a pulse, listen to a heartbeat with a stethoscope, and take their temperatures in preparation for careers in health education. Construction Professors, Pay Hughes and Greg Reynolds taught the students about careers in Construction and gave them hands on experience hammering and creating a box. Shelly Morgan from the ACEP was also on campus helping to facilitate and setup for the event.

The students had a healthy lunch after the sessions and received a backpack stuffed with a college jumpstart kit – dictionary, pen, T-shirt, and more. The children left the campus with a certificate congratulating them on completing the program.


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