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April Anniversaries, Staff Development Day and Open Enrollment

April Anniversaries
Lope Elizarde, 6 years;  Paul Empson, 17 years;  Wendy Gierard 4 years;  Adelina Guerrero, 11 years;  Valiantsina Jimmerson, 5 years;  Mary Miller, 3 years;  Deborah Muller, 5 years;  Maureen O’Hallaran, 7 years;  Shayla Sulser, 4 years;  Diane VanEpps, 1 year;  Jeanny Wharton, 17 years.

Staff Development Day set for May 13
All UAS staff members are invited to Staff Development Day 2011, scheduled for Friday May 13 in the campus Recreation Center.

This year’s theme will focus on effective communication in the workplace.  The keynote speaker will be communications consultant Keli Hite McGee.  She will speak about techniques to increase productivity and build a positive work environment through more effective communication.  She will also lead an afternoon workshop on working with Generation Y.  The afternoon sessions will include a presentation by Joe Nelson, Dean of Enrollment Management, about how your motivations and choices can affect your influence and effectiveness in the workplace.  There will also be opportunities to learn about the new on-line training programs from SkillSoft as well as technology sessions from our own IT experts.

Chancellor John Pugh and Provost Rick Caulfield will provide follow-up on recent strategic planning efforts.  The Chancellor will concentrate on the campus mission and vision while the Provost will speak to core themes and objectives.

As always, there will be food, door prizes, and service awards courtesy of the Chancellor.  Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt and loose-fitting clothes.  Departments should arrange for student employees to cover for the day so regular employees can participate in the activities.

Open enrollment April 15 – May 16
Open enrollment for all eligible university faculty and staff employees will run from April 15 through May 16 this year.  It’s important to be aware of the major changes to the plan and their financial implications when making your choices.

It’s your opportunity to make changes to your medical plan or add supplemental coverages for the next medical year beginning July 1, 2011 and running through June 30, 2012.
This year open enrollment is different than past years because employees are being asked to actively select the health plan they want.  The old deluxe, standard, and economy plans are gone – replaced by the 500 Plan, the 750 Plan and the High Deductible Plan.

In past years, employees who didn’t turn in a form were automatically re-enrolled in their current plan.  But because of large increases in the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums in the plans, it’s important to make an active choice.  Employees who do not make an active choice will be placed in middle tier 750 Plan.
Open enrollment forms will be available on the Statewide benefits Website.  Extra forms will be available in the Personnel office or from your department.  For questions, call 796-6473.


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