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Biology and Marine Biology News

Awards to Publications

UAS Marine Biology student Tyler Linderoth received Summer 2011 Alaska Idea Networks of Biochemical Research Excellence (INBRE) and Undergraduate Student Research Experience (USRE) Awards.

Linderoth is also one of three Marine Biology students to receive a UAS Undergraduate Student Award for Research, Creative Activity and Scholarship. Project: Cryptic Coloration. Mentor: Dave Tallmon.  Amount: $2500.

The other two are Trevor Fritz and Diane Thompson. Fritz project: Bait Types for Dungeness Crab. Mentor: Carolyn Bergstrom. Amount: $762.
Thompson project: Sea Otter Skeleton. Mentor: Andy Szabo.  Amount: $279.

David Tallmon received an North Pacific Research Board award for his proposal "Using 40 years of demographic and genetic data to understand pink salmon plasticity, survival, and adaptation to climate change.”

Carolyn Bergstrom presented a poster: C. Bergstrom, A.R. Whiteley, & D.A. Tallmon. "The heritable basis and cost of color plasticity in coastrange sculpins." at the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Meetings, Banff, Canada. May 12-15, 2011.

David Tallmon was an invited speaker at a conference and workshop "Genetic Monitoring in the Polar Regions." Cambridge, England. 4-6 April, 2011.
Science Fair Students win International Awards:  Amalia Tamone mentored by Dr. Micheal Stekoll won a bronze medal and $400 at the International Sustainable World Project Olympiad with her project  “How chemicals leached from plastics affect the mortality of brine shrimp Artemia salina”.
The National Science Foundation and UAS funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) will start on June 1 and run through August 7.  During that time UAS will be home to 10 undergraduates from around the country and will be mentored by experts in Marine Biology, Environmental Science, and Wildlife.

Recent publications:
Patrick D. Barry, S.L. Tamone, D.A. Tallmon. 2011. A comparison of tagging methodology for North Pacific giant octopus Enteroctopus dofleini. Fisheries Research 109:370–372.
Tallmon, D.A. 2011. A marine contaminants assessment suggests a clean intertidal zone in southeast Alaska parks. Alaska Park Science. Vol 9(2) 48-51.


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