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UAS Exterior Walkway Deck Replacement, Summer '11

The final phase of the Exterior Walkway Deck Replacement will take place on campus this summer.

The Contractor is Carver Construction;  the Superintendent on site is Mark Ryder. The Structural Design is by PND Consulting Engineers, Chris Gianotti and Brian Nielsen. The areas that are being worked on are the remaining wood deck walkways on the lakeside at Novatney and Whitehead Buildings. The two exterior stairways in these areas will also be replaced.

The work will start at the Novatney Deck on Monday 6/20.  Work is scheduled as follows:

June 20 through July 23rd:  Novatney Deck

  • 6/20 - 7/7 Demo Novatney Deck
  • 7/8 - 7/20  Install joists/metal decking
  • 7/21- 7/23- Place Concrete

July 21 through August 6: Whitehead Deck

  • 7/21 - 7/28  Demo Whitehead Deck
  • 7/29 - 8/3  Install Joists/Metal Decking
  • 8/4 - 8/6  Place Concrete

8/4 till completion

  • Demo and install new stairs

During the work at Whitehead, there will be a small period (2 - 5 days) of no access to to the bottom offices at Whitehead due to demolition work above. We will keep Mike Ciri informed of any changes to the dates above.

There will also be a period of no access from the two exterior stairways that flank Whitehead Building (used primarily by Soboleff Annex staff)

. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pua Maunu, Project Manager, Facilities Planning & Construction x6262


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