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New Student Government Invites Student Involvement

By Mallory Millay

The votes are in and 2011-2012 Student Government is back in action for another semester.

Amanda Daniels, the newly elected Student Body President, has tried her hand at the President position before and is looking forward to giving UAS her undivided attention.

"I always give everything 100 percent, so I decided to go straight for the President's position." Daniels explained.  "I was on student government in high school and for one year in college.  This time I wanted to try starting out at a smaller school."

Other first time Student Government members at UAS include Vice President Sonia Lodhi, as well as Student Senators Alex Caulkins, Callie Conerton, Angelo Katasse, Jarmyn Kramlich, and Mary Jo Barry.

With a nearly full Senate, Student Government will be concentrating on serving the UAS community through involvement, creating bills and talking to students.  Already issues such as smoking on campus and recycling have been addressed.

New action has been taken regarding the survey proposed by Student Government to assist in determining the campus community's opinions of smoking on campus.  Due to their lack of information on the specific State and Federal rules regarding smoking in public areas, Student Government moved to postpone their student survey until sufficient information has been collected.

Whether or not smoking should be allowed on campus has been an ongoing topic since last year explained Jarmyn Kramlich, a Student Senator.

"This issue has been going a long time and it's a very divisive issue." Kramlich said. "Students want to comply with the rules, but no one is really sure what they are right now."
Student Government has also approved the hiring of two new positions that will help with the current UAS recycling program that serves the Auke Bay campus as well as the UAS Technical Education Center and Bill Ray Center located downtown.

Other bills in the works plan to help support UAS Rec. Center sports teams with transportation and funding, in addition to a bill that will bring back the coffee and donut sessions in the mornings and possibly in the evenings on campus to help bridge the gap between students, faculty and Student Government.

"We are also working on having a Senator in the office throughout the day." said Daniels, who believes communication between students and their government is important.

"That way, if people have any questions or concerns, there is always someone available that is able to help them or answer questions."

The Student Senate is usually composed of seven senators and currently has five.  Two other Senators will be sworn in during the next Student Government meeting providing a full Senate.

Student Government meetings are every Friday at 5 P.M. in the Mourant Conference Room.


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