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Alumni and Development News

Since 2003, UASAA has given over $81,000 in student scholarships

The UAS Alumni Association held its Annual Meeting on January 8, 2011.   New board members elected were John Svensson of Kalama, Washington, and Nathan Zierfuss of Fairbanks.  Svensson earned his MPA from UAS in 1986.  He is a retired commercial fisherman out of Petersburg, Alaska.  Zierfuss is  a current MBA student at UAS and an employee of UA Statewide.  Re-elected to her seat was Mary Lou Madden of Juneau.  Venietia Santana was honored for 10 years of service with the board.  Continuing their service to the UASAA executive committee are Treasurer Cherie Nienhuis, Vice President Mary Lou Madden, and President Jerry Burnett.

The UAS Alumni Association is looking forward to their next big event, the Annual Spring Auction and Dinner, on April 1 on the Juneau campus. This event is a fundraiser for student scholarships.  Since 2003, UASAA has given over $81,000 in student scholarships as a result of funds raised at this event.


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