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Statewide Incident Command Training Opportunity

February 6-10 at the REC Center

Once again, UA Emergency Manager Rick Forkel will be on the Juneau Campus delivering incident command system (ICS) training to UAS leadership. This mid level ICS training course, ICS 300, will take place at the Rec Center on February 6-10 and focuses on managing "expanding" incidents that due to their severity and duration continue to task the campus beyond immediate response. The incident theme that we will use to practice ICS strategies will be consistent with that of the statewide "Alaska Shield 2012" full scale exercise taking place concurrently at various locations throughout the state: a prolonged power outage during cold weather. Following the ICS training, Mr.Forkel will lead the campus Incident Management Team through a table top exercise to more fully explore the decisions that need to be made as a power outage persists beyond just a few hours. Emergency training such as the ICS 300 class and the table top exercise will help campus leadership not only deal with the crisis at hand, but think ahead as a crisis develops and expands.


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