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Auke Ness Monsters compete at World Quest

UAS sent its first student team to the Juneau World Affairs Council’s annual WorldQuest event February 3 led by Academic Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator Marsha Squires.

The Auke Ness Monsters competed valiantly for the gold in this engaging world trivia event with the support of Chancellor John Pugh, Provost Rick Caulfield and various faculty members. Though they fell short of glory in the end, the team performed admirably, particularly at the international buffet table. The first-timer UAS team had a blast, and they hope for a rematch next year—maybe even with reinforcements in a second UAS team. In the interim, the Auke Ness Monsters will bide their time, submerged under the dark waters of fervent studies, until WorldQuest 2013 arrives.


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