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Vigilance Required of All Contributors to UAS Website

If you do not recognize a photo as originating from UAS please remove.

Recently the UAS Public and Media Relations office received notification from UA Statewide that an image on our website was violating copyright and asked for its removal. UA's office of Public Relations was contacted by Getty Images stating that this image was not purchased by UAS.

Soon after receiving this email we went into the Content Management System CMS and checked the date that this photo was uploaded and found other "similar" images and immediately removed them. UAS will incur the costs of having this photo published since 2008 at a total of approx. $1,300.

As a safeguard, we ask that both Web Contributors and Managers view all images and graphics on your site(s). If you do not recognize a photo as originating from UAS please remove. Below are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Use the UAS Photo Catalog database: (contact for username/pass). This is a growing database and allows those with access to download images to a cart/basket for downloading and use. WE DO NOT ADVISE THE DOWNLOADING OF IMAGES FROM ONLINE DATABASES OTHER THAN OUR OWN.
  2. If taking a photo yourself, please have those being photographed complete a Model Release:

Learn NC has great resources regarding Copyright, to read more on the topic visit:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email the Public and Media Relations Office.


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