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Fall Construction Project Update

Between now and the start of classes Secon is having a paving party on campus.

By Ke Mell, Project Manager
Facilities Planning & Construction

Areas to be paved include the Hendrickson path, path between housing and the Back Loop Road, a couple of small patches between the annexes, the Chapel-by-the-Lake parking lot, and the bottom of the long walk and campus corridor across from Soboleff. I do not have exact dates for any of these paving jobs, as that is entirely under Secon’s control and somewhat weather dependent. My apologies for the noise, odor, tar underfoot, and awkward access during paving.
If the Chapel-by-the-Lake parking lot is not striped before classes start, the lot may be closed for a day or two in early September for striping. I will provide advance notice if a closure is necessary.
The campus corridor work will continue into the fall. Concrete unit pavers will be laid between now and the end of September. The work will proceed from Mourant to the south entry turnaround in front of Soboleff. Before classes start Arete Construction will open the long walk from the south end of the main parking lot and provide pedestrian access through the construction area to both entrances to Whitehead. Please keep to the marked pedestrian corridors provided and STAY OUT OF THE FENCED CONSTRUCTION ZONES.
The new north refuse and recycling building at housing should be substantially complete and ready for use September 7. Until then, please continue to use the south refuse and recycling building.
Construction will continue on the new U.S. Forest Service Research Laboratory north of Egan Library through the fall semester. The path between Egan Courtyard and the Back Loop Road, which has been closed for much of the summer, will re-open August 23. It will be closed for paving for a couple of days in mid to late September. I will provide more information when it is available.
Please contact me with questions and concerns. For more information on construction updates visit the Campus Construction Update website.
Ke Mell
Project Manager
Facilities Planning & Construction


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