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Halloween 2012: Let Them Eat Cake! ..and hot dogs

Visit the UAS Halloween 2012 Slideshow for more photos.

The Provost Office won first place at the 2012 UAS Halloween festivities with  an installation replication of a banquet in the Paris Catacombs circa  1787. The set and costumes were inspired by the years just prior to the French Revolution (1789-99), a radical period of social and political upheaval in France that had a major impact throughout the rest of Europe. "It's riffing off of the recent Occupy Wall Street movement," said designer and Assistant to the Provost Maria Moya. "The vibe we went for was Grotesque Wealth, set in 18th century Paris-in the catacombs!" Student Services had fun dressing up as characters from Disney Pixar films and the Egan Library was decorated with the theme of Carnival.

Visit the UAS Halloween 2012 Slideshow for more photos.

Jill Burkert

Education faculty Jill Burkert carves a paper mache' wild boar made by Graphic Artist Alison Caputo while Pete Sommers of the Registrar's office looks on. Photo Credit: Yosuke Sano


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