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Health Care Forums set for UAS Jan. 23

Forums to provide employees information about the motions, an opportunity to ask questions and to provide feedback to the JHCC.

The University of Alaska Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) has recently made nine motions to change the UA Choice health care plan. These motions have been endorsed by the chief human resources officer and are now being reviewed by President Gamble to determine whether or not they will be included in the UA Choice Plan for FY14 or later years. Prior to making any final decisions, the president has asked for a further comment period to hear from the university community on these motions.

As a result, the JHCC is holding a series of Health Care Forums at each main campus to provide employees information about the motions, an opportunity to ask any questions they may have, and to provide feedback to the JHCC.   Dr. Abel Bult-Ito, chair of the JHCC,  and Statewide Benefits Director Erika Van Flein are expected to attend. 

At UAS, there will two opportunities for employees to attend and give their opinion on Wednesday January 23.  Employees can choose between a session from 10:30-noon or one between 1:30-3 p.m.  Both sessions will be in the Glacierview Room.  Employees from Ketchikan and Sitka can participate by audio: 

Dial in 1-800-893-8850
Pass code: 7787450 

Please read the article in The Statewide Voice, which describes each of these motions in detail.

The Statewide Human Resources website will be updated as additional information becomes available

For a full review of the JHCC and its function within the university health care system, read the following article in The Statewide Voice.


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