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University Hosts Sea Otter Symposium

By Mark Miller, Juneau Empire

Photographs of frolicking sea otters projected onto a screen greeted students, staff and members of the public coming into Egan Library Thursday night for the “Sea Otter Symposium” hosted by the University of Alaska Southeast.

Meanwhile, posters at the back of the room described studies done and conclusions reached by University of Alaska Fairbanks and United States Fish and Wildlife Service researchers, many of them on the impact of surging northern sea otter populations in Southeast Alaska.

Six sea otter experts gave presentations on the marine animals, which were eradicated from Southeast Alaska by overhunting during the height of the commercial fur trade, but have thrived since their reintroduction to the region in the 1960s.

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Ginny Eckert and George Esslinger

UAF faculty Ginny Eckert and US Geological Survey zoologist George Esslinger were panelists at the Sea Otter Symposium, Feb. 21, 2013 in the Egan Library


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