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UAS Anniversaries and New Hires

For the month of May

Employment Anniversaries

Alice Taff, Academic Programs  *6 years
Bobbi McCoy, Chancellor's Office  *12 years
Candy Murdoch, Facilities Services  *31 years
Forest Wagner , Academic Programs *7 years
Jeff C Jones, Facilities Services   *2 years
Jennifer  Ward, Library *11 years
Kolene James, Student Services *12 years
Matthew Guschwan, Academic Programs  *1 year
Ned Chapman, Facilities Services  *3 years
Patricia Yearty , Administrative Services *7 years
Sarah Arntson, Student Services *2 years
Gwenna Richardson, Administrative Services (Ketchikan) *13 years
Kataryn Polanska, Administrative Services (Ketchikan) *2 years
Kate Sullivan, Academic Programs (Ketchikan)  *10 years
Cheryl Stromme , Academic Programs (Sitka) *7 years
Daniel Lord, Academic Programs (Sitka) *8 years
Wes Schaefer, Academic Programs (Sitka) *5 years


Martha McCullough, Administrative Services
Sabrina Javier, Admissions & Records


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