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Apathy produces and performs solo in The K of D, an urban legend by Laura Schellhardt

The K of D is a tour-de-force performance for any actor as Ms. Apathy will portray 17 characters

Perseverance Theatre Company Member & National TCG Fox Fellowship Award Winner, artist Christina Apathy, and an all-local creative team bring a small town to life in, The K of D, an urban legend, a riveting tale that floats eerily between the psychological, the earthly, and the miraculous! The play runs May 10-19th, 2013 on the Phoenix Second Stage at Perseverance Theatre. Tickets are now available through Hearthside Books, Rainy Day Books, the JACC, online at, or by calling 463-TIXS. Evening Performances begin at 7:30p.m. and both Sunday matinees begin at 4p.m. Christina works as an Administrative Assistant for the Natural Sciences office on the Juneau campus.

Set on the banks of a lake, The K of D, tells the story of skinny 12-year old Charlotte McGraw whose world changes abruptly after a tragic accident. As the effect ripples through her small town, and Charlotte's friends plot revenge, Charlotte herself discovers a powerful gift.  What did happen when her twin brother gave her that sweet, strange good-bye? Why did she stop talking? And from where far-off did that mysterious blue heron suddenly appear? The K of D is a summertime ghost story that recreates the playground fun of childhood, the dark waters that sometimes surround it and the transforming power that comes with saying good-bye.

Stunning in its simplicity, The K of D is a tour-de-force performance for any actor as Ms. Apathy will portray 17 characters - from big-mouthed front man Quisp, to bubble-gum cigarette smokin' Becky Ray Voss, to frustrated fisherman-dad Mr. McGraw, to (bleep, bleep) Johnny Whistler as they try to make sense of an extraordinary series of events. The play contains strong language.


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