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Sun Blessed ODS Local Glacier Trek

Group walks out West Glacier Trail April 23.

On Friday, April 19th, the Outdoor Studies Mountaineering course, ODS 222, climbed and skied Snowdrift Peak and on Saturday, April 20th, climbed and skied Rhino Peak, on the Juneau Icefield. The group of ten, led by Assistant Professor of Outdoor Studies Forest Wagner, was dropped on the upper Taku by Ward Air and skied home, descending off the Icefield to the north branch of the Mendenhall.  The group walked out West Glacier Trail at 3:30 pm, Tuesday, April 23rd.

Rhino Peak

Rhino Peak

Summit of Rhino peak

Summit of Rhino, l- r, Forest Wagner, Anitra Winkler, Alex Botelho, Sammy Becker, Sara Gering, not pictured, Sara Bogert

Alex Botelho

Alex Botelho climbing on the N Face of Rhino Peak


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