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Goldbelt-School of Education Partnership for Place Based Education

"Investigating Traditional Ecological Knowledge"

Goldbelt Heritage Foundation partnered with the School of Education to co-sponsor a course this spring for students from all three Juneau School District high schools. The focus of the "Investigating Traditional Ecological Knowledge" class is to apply the strengths of the local community to promote cultural awareness and science literacy through place-based education. The spring course was created as an extension of Goldbelt Heritage Foundation's "Aan Yátx'u Sáani Deíyí: Path to Excellence" summer academies for the study of math and science through the context of local culture. The course encourages students to take into consideration the dynamic landscape of Southeast Alaska as they develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of nature, respect for life, western science methodology, Tlingit migration and language, and social roles and responsibilities. The intention is to pay tribute to the legacy of the Kwaans of the Southeast region and to allow students to discover the holistic thought processes that helped people thrive in Southeast Alaska.


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