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Employee Departures

Leaving UAS after years of service

Mischelle M Pennoyer , Provost Office
Start Date: 06/17/2007
Departure date: 05/31/2013

She proudly served as administrative support in the Provost Office during her UAS employment.  Now she is relocating to Eugene, Oregon.

Saffron Hayes, IT Services
Start Date: 09/28/2006
Departure date: 05/22/2013

He began as a student worker for IT services then August 2011 was promoted to a full time staff position in the department.  He now will apply his UAS It support experience to a new position with the State of Alaska.

Stephanie Self, Auxiliary Services
Start Date: 07/23/2008
Departure date: 06/03/2013

She proudly served as administrative support in the Auxiliary Services department.  Now she is relocating to Kentucky.

Sarah Ray, Ph.D. ,  English Department
Start Date: 08/16/2009
Departure date: 05/11/2013

She taught English courses and served as the Geography BA program coordinator.  She is now headed to Humboldt State University in northern California.

Linda Blefgen, IT Admin. Assist
Start Date:  7.13.03
End Date:  6.28.13

Read more about Linda's decade at IT...

Virginia Berg, Administrative Assistant in Humanities
Virginia is retired as of May 24 after 8.5 years of service to UAS. She supported the faculty and students in her department with great efficiency and a wonderful sense of humor. Virginia will be greatly missed! Read more about Virginia at her retirement party...


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