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Barbara Hyde–30 Years

Fact: She grew up with 4 sisters and is considered “the quiet one.”

Chancellor Pugh presents Barbara Hyde with her awardIt has been 30 years since Barbara began her career with the university, so that was obviously before Alaska had child labor laws, since she must have been about 10 or 12 years old when she started.

Over the years she has worked her way through numerous jobs and numerous departments at UAS – Academic Affairs, School of Education and Liberal Arts, Vocational Education and finally Administrative Services.  She went from secretary to administrative assistant, to accounting technician, to office manager and assistant to the vice chancellor and finally to chief budget officer in 2002.

As chief budget officer for the past decade, she has been helping people trying to answer the existential question – “Where do we get the money for that?”

A letter of recommendation from the 1980s had this to say:

“Barbara gets along well with teachers, students, administrators and co-workers.  She has an outgoing personality which makes working with her a pleasant experience.”

Little known facts about Barbara:

  • She worked as an adjunct for many years teaching a class called “Aerobics with Barbara.”  She has worked at virtually every exercise studio in town, currently at Pavitt’s.
  • John Hyde appears consistently in Barbara’s paperwork – first as “roommate” then “fiancé” and finally as “husband.”
  • She was a field hockey star in high school.
  • She grew up with 4 sisters and is considered “the quiet one.”

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