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Marsha Squires-10 Years

By Lori Klein, Student Resource Center Director

Chancellor Pugh presents Marsha Squires with her awardMarsha’s ten-year tenure makes her one of the most seasoned UAS Student Services staff members, and a valued member of the team. Her reach is broad across our campus and into our community. A successful academic exchange experience for a student includes collaborative efforts with faculty, staff and community members not just across UAS and Juneau, but across the host campuses and communities where our students go. She works hard to welcome incoming exchange students, and to keep tabs on (and bring back) our outgoing exchange students.

For 10 years Marsha has been a steward of campus culture for hundreds of national and international exchange students thinking about, dreaming about and actually attending UAS. She is a leader amongst academic exchange professionals in our state and our region. She has represented our campus nationally and internationally, bringing UAS to the world. And through a wide range of fun, intellectual, and student-centered activities, she has brought the world to UAS.

Congratulations! Felicidades! Grattis!


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