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Congratulations to UA Staff Excellence Award Winners 2013

Recipients included Margaret Rea, Dayna Mackey, Abby Kosmos, and Mike Stenberg.

Awards were presented to the following four recipients at Staff Development Day, May 15, 2013

Margaret Rea –Juneau, Administrative Manager, Arts and Sciences

Chancellor Pugh presents Margaret Rea with her excellence awardMargaret not only exceeds expectations, but inspires others to identify ways in which their work can also excel for the benefit of UAS. She has unfailing attention to detail and her constant understanding that her role impacts the work of many others. She is very much dedicated to her own work, but always with a sense of the bigger picture at UAS and always with a sense of how best to complete her work with that in mind. Examples include: the tedious work on a School budget while remembering that the School is part of a larger budget and work on space management recognizing that space decisions are part of a much bigger situation.

Dayna Mackey – Juneau, Administrative Manager Career Education

Chancellor Pugh presents Dayna Mackey with her excellence awardDayna maintains a positive and dedicated attitude in her position as Administrative Manager for the UAS School of Career Education. It is also important to remember that Dayna began her position as Administrative Manager with an Administrative Assistance to assist her. In 2011, her administrative assistant left and Dayna assumed the responsibility of both positions. Shortly after, the UAS Tech Prep Coordinator left and that position was also unfilled until 2013. During that gap, Dayna assumed Tech-Prep responsibilities in addition to her Administrative Manager duties. As an overtime exempt employee, Dayna has shown that she is willing to do what needs to be done to support the School of Career Education.

Abby Kosmos – Ketchikan, Student Services Specialist

Abby is incredibly dedicated to her job. She is a half-time program specialist but does the work of a full-time employee. She takes on special projects willingly and cheerfully. When faculty or other staff ask her to help with little (writing a letter) or big (producing 100 MT books) things, she always says yes. She recently committed to become the UAS Ketchikan CCERT Chair. She was integral in planning and execution of the Community- Wide Shoot Incident drill last summer that was held at the UAS Ketchikan Tech Center. She attends the Local Emergency Management Planning meetings on behalf of UASK. She oversees all the details (and there are a lot) for the Certified Nurse Aid course every semester including summer and she shows her compassion for these students day after day.

Mike Stenberg – Sitka, Manager, Physical Plant

Mike Stenberg works tirelessly to improve the Ketchikan campus. He has been heavily involved in the building renovations, doing his best to get everything done and fielding fairly significant numbers of complaints and comments with great seriousness and attention. Much of what people complain about is completely beyond his control but he handles it with professionalism. He is recognized for his ability to stay cheerful amidst adversity. Moreover, he really cares about people's work environments and goes out of his way to help people make their environments safe, convenient, and pleasing.



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