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UAS Upcoming Construction Projects

The UAS Construction season is upon us.

This is a busy year for campus construction at the main Juneau campus.  Several projects may affect regular routes or paths and are listed below:

STUDENT RESIDENCE HALL (aka campus dorm) :  Construction work for the new campus dorm  adjacent to the Noyes Pavilion will begin about mid-June.  The top tier of the parking lot (right side) will be used for construction staging; there will be no thru-traffic. Access to Noyes Pavilion and additional parking will be available from the left side of the top tier.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Ke Mell (
  • Contractor:  ASRC McGraw Constructors
  • Construction start date:  June, 2013
  • Completion date:  Fall, 2014

CAMPUS CORRIDOR PHASE II:  Phase 2 includes installation of traffic bollards at the Hendrickson turnaround and the Egan bus circle.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Ke Mell (
  • Contractor:  Arete Construction
  • Construction start date:  June 2013
  • Completion date:  Fall, 2013

CAMPUS CORRIDOR PHASE III:  This phase includes major earthwork extending the paving and completion of landscape elements in the area of the bus turnaround, Egan classroom wing and grassy lawn area in front of Novatney.  The contractor will be using the north finger parking lot (next to Noyes) as a staging area for the project.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Ke Mell (
  • Contractor: (to be announced)
  • Construction start date:  June 2013
  • Completion date:  mid-September, 2013

SOBOLEFF ROOF REPLACEMENT: This project will remove and replace the Soboleff building roofing system.  The contractor will be staging equipment and materials at the lower road on the lake side of the Soboleff building.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Pua Maunu (
  • Contractor: North Pacific Erectors (NPE)
  • Construction start date:  May 2013
  • Completion date:  August, 2013

CAMPUS SIGNAGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT:  Replace existing exterior UAS building signage.  Contractor will be using heavy equipment to remove existing concrete bases and replacing them with square concrete posts.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Pua Maunu (
  • Contractor: Alaska Commercial Contractors Inc. (ACCI)
  • Construction start date: May 2013
  • Completion date:  late June 2013

EGAN TO USFS PATH REPLACEMENT:  The asphalt path between campus and the USFS building will be replaced.  Walking routes along this portion of the path will need to be redirected to the Auke Lake Way sidewalk , then cutting back to the path through the USFS parking lot.   The path will be unavailable to walk on about 2 weeks.

  • UAS Project Manager:  Pua Maunu (
  • Construction start date:  June 2013
  • Completion date:  August 2013

Please contact the UAS Project Manager responsible for each project if you have any questions or comments; we will keep you updated as work progresses this summer.

DOT will also be starting their “roundabout” project this summer as well, which will affect traffic patterns as well.  We will also keep you updated on the progress of the DOT project as we know more.  We don’t anticipate the work to start until at least mid- to late June.


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