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Tallmon has three papers in recent publications with UAS Marine Biology graduate coauthor of third paper

Associate Professor of Biology David Tallmon has three papers in recent publications. Tyler Linderoth, a UAS Marine Biology graduate and current PhD candidate in genomics at UC Berkeley, is a coauthor of the third paper listed.

Waples, R.S., G.H. Luikart, JR Faulkner, DA Tallmon. 2013. Simple life history traits
explain key effective population size ratios across diverse taxa.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B. 280, 20131339.

Kovach, R.P., A.J. Gharrett, D.A. Tallmon. 2013. Temporal patterns of genetic variation
in a salmon population undergoing rapid change in reproductive timing.
Evolutionary Applications 6:795-807. doi:10.1111/eva.12066

S.C. Vulstek, T.P. Linderoth*, W.D. Templin, J.R. Guyon, and D.A. Tallmon. 2013.
Spatio-temporal population genetic structure and mating system of red king crab
(Paralithodes camtschaticus) in Alaska.  Journal of Crustacean Biology 33:691-701. doi: 10.1163/1937240X-00002173


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