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Fall 2013 Convocation, August 20-21 on the Auke Lake campus

More than 200 on-campus and e-learning faculty and staff from Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Anchorage and elsewhere came together for a fruitful Fall 2013 Convocation, August 20-21 on the Auke Lake campus in Juneau. Inspirational presentations by representatives of the Eagle and Raven moieties opened the gathering in the Egan Library. Mike Tagaban likened the role of faculty to that of uncles and aunts in the Tlingit culture, “You have a great charge to share your knowledge, experience, passion and compassion with our children,” he said.  “You are filling a gap as my uncle did for me.” Tagaban closed his remarks with the advice to let our words fall soft as an eagle feather with the impact of a rock. Egan Library Circulation Desk Supervisor Liana Wallace also spoke to the power of words, “Our words have a life of their own. Some are meant to stay with us while others drift out to sea for someone else to discover.”

After remarks by Chancellor John Pugh and Provost Rick Caulfield, faculty workshops were held on new initiatives at UAS including an interdisciplinary course on climate change, an intensive remedial writing course to be held daily in the Writing Center, the School of Education’s experimentation with massive on-line open classes (MOOCs), student-centered learning in the Master of Public Administration program and Career Education efforts to encourage students to get on the path to a degree.

Presenting in the Egan Library

Provost Rick Caulfield looks on as Assistant Professor of Geophysics Jason Amundson addresses his peers on a new interdisciplinary course, Science, Politics and Economics of Climate Change being offered this Fall.


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