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May Hires

  • Sabrina Javier, Admissions Representative, Admissions & Records
  • Lucienne Doggett, Accounts technician, Sitka-Administrative Services

June Hires

  • Aries Aguilar, Custodian, Facilities Services

July Hires

  • Erika Porter, Manager of Student Accounts, Administrative Services
  • Cindy Boesser, Museum & Archives Technician, Library
  • Donald Enoch, Network & Desktop Support Technician, Library
  • Jodi Runyan VanKirk, Accountant, Administrative Services
  • Kayti Coonjohn, Administrative Assistant, IT services
  • Jesse Perry, Career Education Coordinator, Technical Education Center
  • Sandy Sheridan, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Services
  • Nathan Leigh, Project Manager, Facilities Services
  • Heidi Allison, Administrative Assistant, Humanities
  • Quentin Simeon, Academic Advisor, Student Services

August Hires

  • David Sexton, Assistant Professor of Justice, Sitka-Humanities
  • Charla Brown, Assistant Professor of Human Resources Management, SOM
  • Heather Batchelder, Assistant Professor of Special Education, SOE
  • Ann Spehar, Assistant Professor of Economics, Ketchikan-SOM
  • Reid Brewer, Assistant Professor of Fisheries, Sitka-Natural Sciences
  • Math Trafton, Assistant Professor of English,  Sitka-Humanities
  • Brian Buma, Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology, Natural Sciences
  • Liz Dodd, Writing Specialist, Learning Center

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