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Refocusing on the student

Optimized at whatever the screen size

Thanks to the lengthy and diligent work of the web strategy committee, the University of Alaska Southeast has a new regional and student focused website. Students, both prospective and current, are the primary audience of our website. The website redesign accomplishes three main goals:

  • projects a broader UAS brand encompassing three campuses
  • focuses the content on student needs
  • includes responsive design for mobile and tablet devices.

Read more about the redesign from the CMS help site.

Regional Presence

The UAS homepage now represents all three campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka. From the homepage users can easily access individual campus homepages where they will find useful information like current events, news and calendar items.

Logo Variation

In order to accommodate mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, “University of Alaska Southeast” and “Learn Engage Change” does not appear under the whale tale graphic. However, the official logo has not changed for any other uses, including posters. Questions? Please see our logo graphic standards guidelines.

Faculty and Staff Page Has Moved

Under our new website navigation, Faculty and Staff pages and the Employee Directory are now located under the “Explore” tab on the far left top bar.

Writing Content for the Website?

Consult the New UAS Style/Writing Guide Wondering about whether to write alumnae or alumni? Check the new online UAS Writing Style Guide. It’s set up alphabetically and contains listings that allow you to standardize everything you write for the University of Alaska Southeast.

Content Managers will also be supplied with paperback copies of the Associated Press Stylebook for Alaska. Stay tuned for our soon to be published Web Content Writing Handbook, containing techniques tailored for writing for websites and capturing your audience’s attention with photos and videos.

The best way to become acquainted with the redesign is to surf around.


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