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Several faculty were honored at Fall Convocation 2013 for long time service at the University of Alaska Southeast. Here they are, listed by School and number of years at UAS.

School of Education

Thomas Duke -  10 years

Dr. Thomas Duke earned his doctorate at University of Hawaii at Manoa, and M.F.A. at Hunter College of the City University of New York, and B.F.A. in Art at the University of Texas.

Dr. Duke came to UAS in August 2003 and prior to leaving, was promoted to Full Professor. He would be completing his tenth year.  He coordinated the Master of Education in Special Education program, growing the program to now include the MAT and BA in special education. As a result of his effort the UAS special education program is a primary producer of quality teachers for this high needs field.

Dr. Duke is very proud of these accomplishments and his part in making them happen.  He has long been an advocate for human rights and culturally responsive practice for teachers. He had a knack for instilling his drive and love of special education in his students.

Dr. Duke is not above poking fun at himself or seeing the humor in the absurdness of ordinary life.  He enjoys a quirky sense of humor in others and likes to be surprised with an unexpected quip. He enjoyed Juneau and was always appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us here, though he made no bones about the fact that he’d rather be in Bali, where he now resides with his life partner and is convalescing.  We miss him and wish him well in the future.

Virgil Fredenberg - 10 Years

Virgil Fredenberg came to UAS in 2003 as the Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education for the School of Education at UAS. He received his Ed. D., M.S., and B.S. at Montana State University, Bozeman Montana

Virgil is an invaluable member of the UAS team and especially the School of Education.  He works closely with the Alaska Department of Education on math initiatives and is considered a leader in the state, and has worked with hundreds of teachers around Alaska to help improve their math teaching skills.  Virgil is also the current Faculty Senate President.

What many of us appreciate most about Virgil is his kindness and his caring.  Whenever anyone asks for help, Virgil is there for them and he provides support without fuss or fanfare.   He truly cares about the School of Education family and the UAS team.

In his own words Virgil Fredenberg said, ”I teach what I love. Students challenge me to 
help them be the best teachers they can be. I respect my hardworking colleagues as experts in their fields and they respect me for my own expertise.  I work with an administration that is dedicated to providing 
the highest quality education for all students. And I get to do it on 
the most beautiful campus in one of the most beautiful cities in a great 
state. That’s why I teach here.”

School of Management

Colleen McKenna - 10 years

Colleen McKenna started her UAS career in March 2002 in the School of Education’s Professional Education Center, where she served as a Technology Specialist. In 2005, she joined the Information Systems department faculty in the School of Management, where she teaches courses in Web and database development. She received her B.A.  from St. Michael’s College, and Master of Science in Library and Information Studies at Florida State University and plans to receive her Master of Science in Management Information Systems, from the University of Illinois at Springfield, in May. Colleen earned tenure and promotion last year, and enjoys serving as the Information Services department’s chair.

Colleen is well liked and respected by her students.  She creates an engaging environment for her students making her classes so interesting that they are inspired continue their education here at UAS.

She's been referred to as the 'soup queen' in the School of Management office, because of her frequent contributions of homemade soups.

School of Arts and Sciences

Erica Hill - 10 years

Dr. Hill began her career with the UA system as an Instructor at UAF in 2002 and joined the UAS faculty in 2007.  She currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Social Sciences Department. She received her Ph.D. and M.A. at Florida State University, and her B.A. at the University of Florida.

Dr. Hill is an active researcher with broad interests in skulls, bones, ancient art, religion, and funerary rituals.  Her current lines of research include archival research on St. Lawrence Island and studying the skeletal structures of Pacific Walrus.

Dr. Hill’s service load is noteworthy as well. She did an outstanding job chairing the Curriculum Committee.  Her subsequent service chairing the Institutional Review Board is another recent highlight of her service.  She has ensured that UAS has a streamlined, compliant process for engaging in research with human subjects.

Dr. Hill’s enthusiasm for her subject, her commitment to her students, and her skills in advising are much appreciated in Arts & Sciences.  She is a popular teacher of a variety of introductory and upper division courses, including Biological Anthropology, Zooarchaeology, and Ethnobiology.  Her instructional skills and her passion for Anthropology are great assets to UAS.

Kevin Krein - 15 years

Dr. Krein came to UAS in 1998 primarily teaching Philosophy, a few years later he added Outdoor Studies to his workload. He earned his B.A. in English and Philosophy at Willamette University, in Salem, Oregon, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at he University of Toronto.

Dr. Krein has published journal articles and book chapters in his particular area of interest, the philosophy of nature sports. He currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Philosophy in the School of Arts and Sciences Humanities department.

Dr. Krein’s service has included chairing the Humanities department and coordinating the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program, but his greatest contributions have been in the development of our Outdoor Studies program. When he began his UAS career there were no offerings in Outdoor Studies, but now students can earn a one year certificate in Outdoor Skills and Leadership or they can add an ODS emphasis area to the Geography BA or to the Bachelor of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Krein continues to teach a mix of Philosophy, Outdoor Studies, and Humanities courses and has developed a reputation as a caring, approachable, dedicated instructor. He recently co-lead the Outdoor Studies Emphasis Capstone mountaineering expedition to Ecuador. If you want to see for yourself the type of passion Kevin inspires in his students, come to the Evening at Egan presentation about their trip on September 27.

Michael Stekoll - 35 years

Dr. Stekoll joined our faculty in 1978 and currently holds the rank of Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the Natural Sciences Department.  He holds a joint appointment with the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. He received his, B.A. at Stanford University, and Ph.D. at UCLA.

Dr. Stekoll is a dedicated researcher, studying disturbances of seabed plants and seaweeds from both natural processes and human activity.  He and his associates have developed techniques to map floating beds in Southeast Alaska and have investigated potential commercial production of sea plants.  His other areas of research include algal physiology/ecology and investigating the effects of marine pollution on commercial fish species. He has demonstrated his commitment to student research by involving both undergraduate and graduate students in his projects.  He also maintains active collaborations with researchers in other parts of the world, most notably in South Africa.

Dr. Stekoll has also demonstrated his commitment to service in his discipline, in the local community, and to the university.  He is just finishing one of the most intensive university service commitments by serving as both the President of UAS Faculty Senate and being a UAS representative to the statewide UA Faculty Alliance. 


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