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REU came to an end in August

The National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates came to an end in August. REU leaders were Assistant Professor of Marine Biology Carolyn Bergstrom, and Professor of Biology Sherry Tamone. Five students gave presentation at the closing symposium. Two UAS students and one UAA student participated this year. Here is a listing of the students and their projects:

  • Alina Ngyuen (Saint Mary’s College, Oakland , CA): "Kinetics of Iron Uptake in Female Gametophytes of Alaria marginata" (Mentor – Mike Stekoll)
  • Briana Miller (Georgia Southern University): "Molting hormones and vitellogenins in 3 sexual stages of shrimp (Pandalus platyceros)" (Mentor – Sherry Tamone)
  • Angela Gestaldi (UAS): "Importance of marine derived nutrients to coastrange sculpin" (Mentor – Dave Tallmon)
  • Josh Russel (UAA): "Using Body Morphometrics to Differentiate Hatchery and Wild Sockeye Salmon Smolts (Mentor – Dave Tallmon)
  • Anelisa Fischer (UAS): Behavioral ecology of dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) (Mentor – Heidi Pearson)

Briana Miller with a shrimp from her research
Georgia Southern University student Briana Miller with a shrimp from her research with mentor Sherry Tamone.


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