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Volunteers Needed for Nov. 18-22 Event

This is a federal initiative throughout the US to promote awareness of culture, people and traditions in order to assist Americans to be better prepared globally. I coordinate a week-long event with most activities occurring in the cafeteria from 11 to 2. I am hoping to particularly interest our foreign and domestic exchange students to help with this event. (Please!) We will decorate a corner of the cafeteria as a market, and there will be daily events to support interaction and camaraderie.

The tentative calendar of events is as follows:

Mon. Nov. 18: Experience our World:  Drop by the market and taste test various desserts and sweet breads from around the world. Look at a photo display and slide show faculty, staff and students who have roots in other countries or locations outside of Juneau. Chat with those who have stepped out of their comfort zone and been a part of a study away experience. Add to the fun and dress up in traditional costume or cultural clothing.

Tuesday Nov. 19: Loving Culture, Loving Language An afternoon full of robust conversation! Round tables with fellow students, staff and faculty who speak Russian, German, Spanish, French, Tlingit and Japanese will share quick phrases, offer expertise and capture your attention.

Wed. Nov. 20: World Art Market Crafts and products from around the world will be for sale through Ten Thousand Villages, supporting artisans through fair trade. Come on by for some early holiday gift ideas.

Thursday, Nov. 21: World Art Market (continues)

Friday, Nov. 22: Opportunities Away and Celebration Drop by the market and visit with former study away participants at information tables. Grab information about studying away and more.  Friday evening SAA will be hosting the movie, Slumdog Millionaire at the Rec Center which will be catered by Abby’s Kitchen… starting at 7 pm.

Volunteering Opportunities

Chunks of time are best with one hour being the minimum. Remember time frame is 11 to 2 every day, with Wednesday going a bit longer (3 pm) and Thursday starting a bit earlier (10 am). First shift volunteers ought to arrive 15 minutes before the event time.
Weekend (exception)

Cook an international dessert or sweet bread to bring by on Monday. (Please contact the office by Nov 8th if you’d be able to bake. I can help provide you with the ingredients, and I’d like to know the items we are serving. J) Michelle, my student assistant will be spear-heading this day’s event. Her email is You can email her your list of needed ingredients.


  • Market set-up in cafeteria (Time to be determined…might be at 10 am)


  • Two to three people to help serve taste testers
  • One to two people who play an instrument at the front of the market entrance
  • One to two people to help clean-up


  • Students who speak a language other than English to assist with conversation tables.  If you haven’t heard from Beatrice Franklin already please contact her at


  • World Market set-up 9 am to 10:30 (carry boxes, empty boxes, set up merchandise, etc.)
  • Two to three cashiers and “helpers”
  • Minimum pack-up at 3pm to 4pm


  • Minimum set-up from 9 am to 10am (carry boxes, empty boxes,etc)
  • Two cashiers and “helpers”
  • Pack-up between 2pm -4pm


  • One to two students who have studied away staffing an “info table”
  • Event clean-up crew (1:30 to 3:30)

Student Participation Opportunities

Ask your professors if your class can (or get your club to)

  1. stop by, meet new friends, and engage in the event
  2. bake a dessert or sweet bread for taste testing (Monday)
  3. volunteer time throughout the week (11 to 2 each day, 10:30 to 3 on Wednesday)
  4. support the language tables on Tuesday
  5. offer to present a Travelogue presentation
  6. come up with a cultural-related event for Friday (game, fry bread, etc.)
  7. offer “market” décor supplies

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for supporting IEW!
Marsha Squires
Academic Exchange and Study Abroad Coordinator
International Student Advisor
Phone (907) 796-6000
Phone (907) 796-6455
Fax (907) 796-6005


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