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Ketchikan faculty and staff achievements

Faculty Achievements

On March 27, Bill Urquhart presented a formal research presentation in Portland, Oregon at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association. His presentation was titled "Educational Inequality and Early Childhood Ability in School." Also, one of Dr. Urquhart’s BLA students, Wesley Haslam, presented research at the same meeting that he completed in a Fall 2013 sociology independent study. His presentation was "Anti-Criminogenic Effects of Immigrant Neighborhoods."

Staff Achievements

Congratulations to Gail Klein for receiving the 2014 Red Apple Award from Delta Kappa Gamma. The Red Apple is awarded to outstanding folks in the community who contribute above and beyond to the success of students in our community.  Above all the wonderful work that she does for our students, Gail supports the Ketchikan School District by presenting several times a year at events like Junior night and the College Fair.  She also volunteers with organizations like Girls on the Run, Distinguished Young Women of Alaska, the Performing Arts Center and the Wellness Coalition. 


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