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Courtesy of Facilities Planning & Construction

Back Loop Road Bus Pullout

Beginning Monday, September 29, Arete Construction will build a bus pullout for Capital Transit on the south side of the Back Loop Road just east of Auke Lake Way, between Auke Lake Way and the path to housing. Construction will take two to three weeks. Capital Transit will continue to stop, but on account of the construction will be pulling off the road east/downhill of the path to housing.

Pathway to Soboleff Building

The Contractor planned on paving the pathway last Friday. However, the asphalt plant broke down.  It is now back up and running and they plan to pave the pathway this Friday. The Contractor will need to do some additional work after the paving, but we will have this pathway back open soon.
Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.
Ke Mell
Project Manager
Facilities Planning & Construction


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