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The Ketchikan campus welcomes two new faculty: Brandon Chapman and Ali Ziegler.
Chapman is the new Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UAS Ketchikan. A recent PhD, Brandon is excited to make his new home in Southeast Alaska and be surrounded by such welcoming and dynamic students and colleagues. Brandon has taught undergraduate courses the past seven years at various universities including University of Alaska-Chukchi, Washington State University, University of Idaho, and Portland Community College. He teaches Introduction to Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, and various upper-division classes. His research focuses on subsistence and traditional knowledge and he has done fieldwork in arctic Alaska, Trinidad/Tobago, Peru, and Ecuador. Ziegler was born, raised, and attended school in Ann Arbor, MI where she recently completed her PhD in Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan.  Her research has primarily focused on gender and sexuality, with a specific focus on the sexual double standard.  Ziegler has taught a number of courses related to psychology and Women’s Studies and is excited to teach in at UAS Ketchikan.  She is also pleased  to be in Alaska where she can enjoy outdoor activities, including running, hiking, and star-gazing.

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