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New Fall staff, faculty and those leaving UAS

Faculty New Hires

Rosemarie Alexander-Isett, Assistant Professor of Communications, Humanities
John Blanchard, Assistant Professor, School of Management
Lori Hart, Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Sitka campus
Susan Kendig, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Natural Sciences
Joel Markis, Assistant Professor of Fisheries Technology, Sitka
James Powell, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, School of Management
Karen Schmitt, Dean, Arts & Sciences
Richard Simpson, Assistant Professor of Humanities, Humanities
Neil Voelckers, Assistant Professor of Power Technology, Technical Education
Vickie Williams, Associate Dean/Faculty, School of Management

Staff New Hires

Melanie Batac, Food Service Cook, Food Services
Phyllis Carlson, Admin Specialist III, Teacher Education Center
Scott Christian, Secondary Education Generalist, Center for Teacher Education
Kaya Day, Admin Assistant, Humanities
Elisabeth Genaux Farmer, Student Services Assistant, Teacher Education Center
Patricia Gerdes, Math Specialist & Training Coordinator, Learning Center
Analyn Guimmayen, Food Service Cook, Food Services
Jessica Henry, Admin Specialist II, Provost’s Office
Jeff Jones, HAVC Tech, Facilities
Grace Lumba, Admissions Representative, Admissions
Heather Mitchell, Alumni Relations & Annual Fund Manager, Chancellor’s Office
Barbara Morse, Pathway to Employment Project Manager, Sitka
Lara Murphey-Waite, Admin Specialist I, Teacher Education Center
Alexandria Najduch, Data Analyst Fisheries Technology Program, Sitka
Seanna O’Sullivan-Hines, Development Operations Specialist, Chancellor’s Office
Margaret Rea, Chief Budget Officer, Administrative Services
Christopher Washko, Student Success Center Manager, Sitka


Jacob Achee, IS Professional 7, IT Services
George Bell, Term Director (ACAD-Faculty), Career Education
Cyndi Gleason, Admin Assistant, School of Management
Matthew Guschwan, Assistant Professor of Communications, Humanities
Carol Hedlin, Vice Provost, Provost’s Office
Mary-Claire Tarlow, Associate Professor, Teacher Education Center
Cathy Thomas, Admin Generalist II, Career Education


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