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October 20-23

Several UAS faculty members and students participated in the meeting of the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in Juneau, October 20-23. Science faculty David Tallmon and students Donovan Bell and Joshua Russell contributed the following posters and talk:

  • Donovan Bell*, J Joyce, R Kovach, S Vulstek, and D Tallmon.  The influence of environmental factors on the migration timing of Auke Creek Dolly Varden.  (Poster)
  • Michael Godin and David Tallmon.  Exploitation of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) by three major predators.  (Poster)
  • Joshua Russell*, J Joyce, S Vulstek, R Kovach, and D Tallmon.  Length changes in Auke Creek salmon.  (Poster)
  • Tallmon, D.A., S. Vulstek, and JL Stouatamore.  Population genetic structure and mating system of red and blue king crab.  (Talk)

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