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News from our most southern campus

Congratulations, MMSW Students!

The 2nd group of Maritime & Multi‐skilled Worker students completed their 12 weeks of training on December 19 and celebrated with a completion ceremony. All 12 students in the cohort successfully completed the course. They each receive university credits and a workforce credential and are eligible for the U.S. Coast Guard Qualified Member of the Engine Department certification (after they complete their required 90 days of documented sea time).

ASK UAS: Where Ketchikan Finds Answers

Ukraine, Russia and America: Current Events, Future Prospects presented by Dr. John Radzilowski. Thursday, January 29 at 6:30pm in the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library.

Donar Presentation 

Ketchikan Biology faculty Christopher Donar gave a recent Friday Night Insight presentation at the U.S. Forest Service Southeast Alaska Discovery Center. The talk was titled, “Paleolimnology of Lake Harriet Hunt: Preliminary results of a short sediment core analysis.”


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